We offer Basic Classes, Progressive Classes as well as a full range of Agility Classes. We also offer Nose Work Classes, Rally Classes as well as Private Lessons and Virtual Classes.

Prices and schedules available upon request. All of our classes including agility are taught on site at the owners home. Also, inquire today to find out about our new virtual classes! We look forward to meeting you and your dog!

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Basic Classes: The Basic Obedience / Puppy Class at Canine Workout is our entry level class. The session consists of six classes, meeting once a week. In this class, the foundation exercises for all other obedience work are taught using a motivational method of training. Puppies and beginner dogs will be taught to walk nicely on a loose leash (heeling), coming when called, all aspects of stay; including sit, stay, down stay, and stand stay. The first five weeks of training are done on leash with an introduction the sixth week of class to off-leash work. Dogs who complete the Basic Obedience / Puppy Class with their handlers are well on their way to becoming a well-behaved family pet. The curriculum includes enough information for the student to continue to train their dog at home on their own with practice or to make the transition to one of our Progressive Classes and continue to perfect their off-leash training. We look forward to having you!

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Progressive Classes: Training at Canine Workout is geared toward competition, however, not all of our students choose to compete. Some of our students work toward the goal of having a well trained companion dog both on and off the leash. Like humans, dogs are social animals and learn by watching others in their community. The Progressive Class is a way to create a community that is tailored to the training experience. Instead of segregating students and their dogs into different levels of skill, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced, a Progressive Class includes a wide range of students. In a Progressive Class, both dogs and humans learn almost as much from each other as they do from the instructor. In a progressive class, we come to understand and acknowledge the fact that we all are communicating with each other all the time. The dogs are learning from watching other dogs in the class as well as from being attentive to their human partners’ commands and requests. Likewise, the humans are learning from watching their classmates working with their dogs as well as from listening to the instructor. As handlers, we can also learn a lot from simply watching other handlers work with their dogs. We deepen our understanding of dogs in general by watching dogs of differing temperaments, learning styles, and skill levels. The community of a Progressive Class can be enormously helpful to all the participants, canine and human. Each exercise can be performed at any level, so the lessons focus on the exercise itself, not on the level of the exercise. In a Progressive Class, everyone can have a training experience tailored to their own level and, at the same time, benefit from watching others perform the same or similar exercise at other levels of performance and understanding.

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