Judy Murray- Biography

Obedience Trainer

Judy became endorsed as an obedience instructor in 1988 by the National Association of Dog Obedience instructors and has been teaching basic puppy class and progressive classes at Canine Workout ever since.  Judy specializes in teaching puppy owners how to help their canine companions become good citizens.  Standard Poodles were Judy’s first love followed by the Portuguese Water dogs which she now owns and competes with.  Accomplishments include obedience titles Novice through Obedience Trial Champion along with agility titles, water titles and conformation championships. 

Judy is an approved Portuguese Water Dog Club of America water trial judge and has been judging water trials for that organization for 22 years.  In addition to judging water trials, Judy has instructed at numerous water training workshops across the United States and Canada.

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